For Reviewers

Guidelines for Reviewers

Thank you for considering becoming a reviewer for JeDEM! You can register for this important role here. With your JeDEM account, you will be able to login as reviewer, author, or reader.

Please bear in mind a few important points before registering as a reviewer.

Before acceptance of invitation

Please consider the following points before accepting our invitation to review a manuscript:

Does this area match your expertise? Please only accept if you think you are familiar with the area, methods etc.

Are you unsure about the evaluation of some aspects of the paper, like a specific method or argumentation? Then you can leave a message to the editors when you fill in the review. The same accounts for any potential conflicts of interest you would want to declare.


Reviewing for JeDEM usually takes place within a timeframe of one month. However, occasionally we might also ask for quicker reviews depending on our publication process and if other reviewers have been falling through. As JeDEM strives for a rapid publishing process, we appreciate reviewers sticking to the timeframe. If you cannot meet the deadline please contact the managing editors.

Template (reviewing form)

We will provide you with a reviewing template. These are set up to help you with the important points we would like to have covered, such as overall evaluation, relevance, theory, methodology, presentation, validity, references, contribution, originality and interest. The template provides you with some guidelines questions.

The review is a qualitative description, analysis and feedback to the author and editor. JeDEM does not use a questionnaire. Still we ask you to consider the cornerstones and guidelins questions of reviewing in your feedback.

We provide different templates for research papers and reflections according to the type of the paper.

Sections (paper types) for reviewing

JeDEM offers two types of reviewing: double-blind and editorial reviews. Double-blind reviewing is done by our pool of reviewers and applies to a) research papers and b) reflections. You will be assigned to the appropriate template. Please consider that reflections do have different requirments in terms of methods (f.i., a reflection can also comprise literature reviews, comments, discussions or interviews).

Acceptance rate

Please also consider that JeDEM has a 50% acceptance rate.

Reviewer Credits

JeDEM started to use Reviewer Credits, which is a great tool to acknowledge reviewing efforts. They also offer free training to reviewers!

We very much recommend to check out their video about how Reviewercredits works. This certifies, measures and rewards the activity of reviewers and JeDEM is registered with it. 

Reviewing tips

Giving feedback can take many forms. provide some useful resources on the world of peer review.

The Plos Reviewer Center also has a few general tips about what to include in your comments and what to better leave out. Check out the how to!

And don't forget:

Of course you can list being a reviewer for JeDEM in your academic activities.

Thank you for reviewing for JeDEM!