Review process

Review Process

The typical double blind peer review process for a research paper is as follows.

peer review

A (corresponding) author submits a PDF of a paper to our journal. This version of the paper does not yet need to comply with the template. We ask authors to lay out the paper according to our template after the paper has been accepted for publication;

The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors decide whether the paper will be sent out for review or whether it will be rejected immediately (i.e. a desk reject). To maintain our high quality standard for research publications, we reject papers of insufficient quality immediately (about 50 per cent of all papers submitted to JeDEM). 

If  the paper is selected for review, then at least two external peer reviewers will be assigned;

Reviewers submit their reviews;

The editors take a decision based on the submitted manuscript. Approximately 50 percent of all papers that have been sent out for review are rejected at this stage of the process;

The managing editor informs the author about the decision and forwards the reviews. Final decisions will be communicated to authors within 3 months after submission;

Either the paper is accepted, or the author(s) is/are asked to make revisions before acceptance, or the author is asked to make major revisions and resubmit the article for a second review, or the paper is rejected.

Only after the paper is accepted will the author be asked to lay out the paper according to the JeDeM template and guidelines (references, citations, format, etc.). The author needs to resubmit the camera-ready paper as a Word document;

The paper is ready for online publication after the final copy-editing phase has been conducted by the editors. Publication is usually quicker than in traditional journal publishing, and, depending on whether authors submitted to a special issue, the enhanced conference proceedings issue, or as an ongoing manuscript, their publication will be added to these issues; 

Authors can access the pre-print of their paper prior to the publication of the JeDEM issue.