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Menstrual Cup Review

by Sahara Cup (2016-10-13)

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Revolting! That’s right! We are engaging in a serious discussion about periods today coupled with a a review of available literature. If you are like Donald Trump and NOT interested in reading this review or learning why a menstrual cup can alter your life, you might want to go read about What Women Want or 15 Questions Guys Are Afraid To Ask You or Harvard Business Review.  You are certainly welcome to remain.  Your women will appreciate your extensive knowledge on the subject of menstruation and period cups I am sure!

Menstrual Cup Review

The Most Popular Menstrual CupsMenstrual cups are a lifesaver for women who are fed up with pads and tampons. They insert and catch the flow, rather than absorbing it. The create less waste because they are used for a longer duration of time than a tampon or pad. 

Typically, pads and tampons have to be replaced every few hours. Meanwhile, the cups are more cost-effective and convenient and tend to remain in place for longer. 

Do i Go With Disposable Or Reusable

The highest rated menstrual cup across the Internet is the Diva Cup. Everyone seems to concur on that. Though, more recently the Luna and Moon Cup as well as the Keeper, which come in two sizes -- as many products do -- have given them a run for the money.

Both Moon Cup and the Keeper period cups are made by the same company, though the Moon Cup is comprised of silicone while the Keeper is made out of rubber. If you are easily confused, then this is sure to confound you as it does many consumers. There is also something called the Mooncup, which is a brand in the United Kingdom. 

From there, popular menstrual cups also include a brand called Instead, which is one of the best known and perhaps most widely available of the disposable cups. They are on supermarket store shelves everywhere. 

LunaCups is another interesting of the reusable period cups. It is available in two different sizes, and comes in either a 1-pack or a 2-pack, which are good for a few years dependent on what you buy.

Do you already use a menstrual cup?  Submit Your Review below. How have they changed your period?