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The eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government (JeDEM) provides researchers and practitioners the opportunity to advance the practice and understanding of eDemocracy, eGovernment, eParticipation. The journal aims to bridge innovative, insightful and stimulating research, testing and findings with practice and the work conducted by governments, NPOs, NGOs and professionals. Given the different backgrounds of the editors, JeDEM encourages articles which come from different disciplines or adopt an interdisciplinary approach, including eVoting, ePolitics, eSociety, business IT, applied computer gaming and simulation, cyberpsychology, usability, decision sciences, marketing, economics, psychology, sociology, media studies, communication studies, political science, philosophy, law, policy, legislation, and ethics. JeDEM provides up-to-date articles with ideas to be discussed, used and implemented, whilst at the same time also being a repository of knowledge.

JeDEM publishes ongoing and completed research, case studies and project descriptions  that are selected after a rigorous blind review by experts in the field.

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CeDEM16 Join us 18-20 May 2016 at the Danube University Krems



The CeDEM16 conference provides 3 days of programme including:

  • 4 keynotes (Mila Gascó on "Co-Production and ICT-enabled Co-Production"; Hans Jochen Scholl on "Profiling the Academic Domain of Digital Democracy and Government"; Efthimios Tambouris on "Multidimensional Open Government Data"; Robert Krimmer on "Is there an Estonian E-Democracy? Co-Creation in the Digital State")
  • 6 Workshops (
  • Panel Discussion on "Co-Creation" (*new!*)
  • 25 full paper presentations
  • Reflections Session
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Open Space (*opportunities to contribute a presentation, workshop, etc. available up until the start of the Open Space!*)
  • Best Paper Prize: 5 nominees, find out who this year's winner is on Day 2!

CeDEM16 Registration:

Posted: 2016-04-07

Call for Papers: Special Issue 1/2016: Open and Visual Access to Information


Guest Editors:

  • Dimitris Gouscos, Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens
  • Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Department for E-Governance and Administration, Danube University Krems
  • Michael Leitner, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

In our current era, data-driven approaches influence all aspects of daily life. The fast and effective handling of these data is a crucial point of keeping our society working. Yet, the sheer amount of data being produced even at this very moment is often to big to be interpreted and understood in a correct and timely fashion. It is this complexity and criticality that renders the usability and accessibility of data and the inherent information even more important. This becomes even more obvious, when taking into account that most of today’s approaches to data analytics and interpretation focus on experts and their requirements rather than on non-experts. This does not only lead to a limitation regarding the usefulness of data but also critically impacts the foundations of our society regarding open access to data and information - data democracy so to say.

This special issue of JeDEM invites contributions in the following areas:

  • Open Data Analytics
  • Open Data Visualization
  • Open Access to Legal Information
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CeDEM16 Call for Papers - extended to 10 January 2016!



International Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government 18-20 May 2016

Danube University Krems, Austria

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Vol 7, No 2 (2015)

This issue comprises the best papers of the CeDEM 15 conference in May 2015 in Krems, Austria. 

We are pleased to include the keynotes by Shauneen Furlong and Alon Peled held at the CeDEM15 Conference at Danube University Krems, research papers from CeDEM and a paper submitted to the JeDEM open submission system.

Table of Contents


Noella Edelmann, Peter Parycek, Judith Schossboeck

Invited Papers

Shauneen Furlong
Alon Peled

Research Papers

Markus Wojtczak, Michèle Morner
Nicolas Mendoza
Simon Smith
Victoria L Lemieux, Stephanie E. Trapnell, Jessie Worker, Carole Excell
Iryna Susha, Anneke Zuiderwijk, Yannis Charalabidis, Peter Parycek, Marijn Janssen
Karin Nahon, Alon Peled, Jenniver Shkabatur
Derek Lackaff