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Call for Papers: CeDEM15 Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government 2015




Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 20-22 May 2015
Danube University Krems, Austria

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Call for Papers: Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, Hong Kong, December 2014


The international "Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, Asia 2014" will be held in Hong Kong on 4-5 December 2014. Submission deadline is 15 July 2014:

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Special Issue on Open Government Data and Open Policies

Special Issue 01/2014: Open Government Data and Policies


Guest Editors
  • Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany
  • Marijn Janssen, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Tim Davies, University of Southampton, UK
  • Johann Höchtl, Danube University Krems
Call out: 24 April 2014
Submission Deadline: 31 July 2014
JeDEM provides full open access to its authors and readers. Publishing with and reading JeDEM is free of charge.
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Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Open data has been given a lot of attention in the public. In some situation ‘open by default’ has become established as a core principle, whereas others  argue about the limited results and the lack of robust studies demonstrating the value, and point to the risk that open data might turn out to be a short lived policy fad. This special issue contains a variety of research papers addressing this topic from different views and providing recent research results on open data. The papers in this issue deepen the understanding of open data and show that the subject of open data is moving from the general to the study of specifics. The special issue also includes invited papers presented at the first public meeting of the SharePSI project. Share-PSI 2.0 is the European network for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector.

Table of Contents


Open Data: Growing Up and Getting Specific PDF
Tim Daviees, Marijn Janssen, Ina Schieferdecker i-iii

Special Issue

Investigating the Roots of Open Data’s Social Impact PDF
Amanda Meng 1-13
Georeferenced Open Data and Augmented Interactive Geo-Visualizations as Catalysts for Citizen Engagement PDF
Thore Fechner, Christian Kray 14-35
The Enabling Effects of Open Government Data on Collaborative Governance in Smart City Contexts PDF
Martin Bartenberger, Verena Grubmüller 36-48
Open Eata Within governmental Organisations: Effects, Benefits and Challenges of the Implementation Process PDF
Martijn Hartog, Bert Mulder, Bart Spée, Ed Visser, Antoine Gribnau 49-61

Invited Papers

A Platform for Closing the Open Data Feedback Loop Based on Web2.0 Functionality PDF
Charalampos Alexopoulos, Anneke Zuiderwijk, Euripidis Loukis, Yannis Charalabidis 62-68
Open Government Data: Fostering Innovation PDF
Ivan Bedini, Feroz Farazi, David Leoni, Juan Pane, Ivan Tankoyeu, Stefano Leucci 69-79
Open Data Strategies and Experiences to Improve Sharing and Publication of Public Sector Information PDF
Laura María Gutiérrez Medina 80-86 and Developing Open Crime and Justice Data for the UK. PDF
Amanda M Smith 87-96
Towards a Methodology for Publishing Linked Open Statistical Data PDF
Irene Petrou 97-105
Comparison of Approaches to Publication of Open Government Data in Two Czech Public Sector Bodies PDF
Jan Kučera, Dušan Chlapek 106-111

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